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PUDDING & SOUSE: Ripe for the chucking


PUDDING & SOUSE: Ripe for the chucking

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AN EATERY seems to be taking Government’s words on retirement of public servants literally and is sending home its managers at least one every couple of months or as soon as their ages get within the vicinity of 55.

Word is that the private institution does not wish to be paying the benefits and salaries to these veteran employees and now that they themselves have a new dispensation of younger managers at the helm, terminations seem to be the order of the day.

Workers are waiting for the day when the human resources manger, who is very proactive in the sending home of these managers, is himself sent home, since he seems to get great pleasure from these terminations.

Pudding & Souse has been made to understand that the workplace has become more like a concentration camp since the Dynamic Duo took over and warning letters and suspensions have become the norm. Most of the benefits have been cut, hours have been cut and managers are now being cut. Yet, the business is thriving. But staff say that since they have a leg-up on the situation, they will patiently wait for the feathers of the human resources manager to be plucked.

Hopping, not jumping

KADOOMENT DAY has gone but some workers in Bridgetown working for a Trini establishment are still hopping mad with a memo sent out days before the big day.

The memo warned them that if they were seen on social media or in the newspaper behaving as many people do on Kadooment Day, then there would be trouble for them. The workers have said that they will not let the matter rest since it could open up the doors for the bosses to introduce all sorts of other directives.

These white collar workers have indicated that people doing exactly what they do in Port of Spain are not faced with such directives and question whether as citizens of Barbados they should be placed at a disadvantage.

Proud as peacocks

FOREDAY MORNING JAM brought out everyone. There was no hiding in the closet.

The event was very accommodating because while it was all out in the open, the night-time did still provide some cover. It was not a kadooment. A number of these revellers who came out were clearly very happy and gay and showed their pride to be in the parade. These men were pleased as punch to jump up and prance around.

The shocker was the number of gals with their significant others who were very present. As one responded when asked about the closeness and attention: “This is just a girlfriend.”

Already some are suggesting that the occasion be used as a pride parade.

Forbidden wine

SHE CAME into the dance, but she was not wuk-up ready. And today she wants to talk just a little bit, but not about her predicament after an artiste sprang a surprise wine on her while she was partying hard in the absence of her hubby.

The senior manager did not seem to realise that the crowd that was partying around her had parted like the Red Sea after the ramming had started and she was left exposed to the flashing cameras and constant stares.

Seemingly unsure how to explain to her hubby how she and the artiste became one on the dance floor, wifey is now busy trying to establish who saw what happened and if they can keep it under wraps until she can find a plausible reason for her misbehaviour.