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Joe on cloud 9


Joe on cloud 9

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All-round entertainer Jomario Joe Cloudy Goddard is a singer, Adrenalin-fuelled dancer and videographer with a focus on the creative imprinted in everything he does.

Even when Forking It.

He says the song hark back to the two years he spent “working beds” as a landscaper.

“There is a lot of terminology related to landscaping, like working a bed from night till ah morning, because I have experienced being out in the hot sun, nine to five. It is something I can personally relate to,” the entertainer said.

While the song could be construed differently, he maintained it was “all in the articulation”. Now a videographer at Trident10, he said he wanted to write something a bit different for his contribution to Crop Over 2015. The song was released in May and is featured on the Renegade riddim out of the Superlynks camp.

Joe Cloudy also told EASY that he preferred the “nice and easy” side of soca, but received a bit of a challenge from a fellow artiste that he would not release a bashment soca track.

“He said that Joe not really about that kind of thing, he nice and cool. So I was like, challenge accepted!”

Last October he reached out to several producers, including Gorg, who replied to the up and coming artiste and eventually worked with him on the song. Despite the fact that there is another song with a similar theme by another artiste, Joe Cloudy noted Forking It was receiving its own share of love.

He has not forsaken the sweeter side of soca however, and has a ragga soca track, titled Sweet Soca Vibes.

And because of his several skills and creative mind, he is constantly thinking of ways to up the performance.

“I am always thinking of performing at Party Monarch . . . . I want to do a different level of performance. There are people who can dance well, and people who can sing well but I haven’t seen a performance where everything is fused.” (GBM)