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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby driving around with condoms

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby driving around with condoms

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Dear Christine,

I HAVE a simple question to ask you. What can I do with a husband who drives around with condoms in his car trunk when I know that we never use them when we’re having sex? This is over a month now that I’ve discovered condoms in my husband’s car. I have not asked him any questions, but they are always the same brand and the same amount.




Dear Waiting To Exhale,

If you are curious as to why your husband is driving around with condoms the best person to ask is him. I don’t want to suggest that he is having an extra marital affair because from where I sit I have no proof. But my question to you would be, are they the same condoms? I am not trying to cast any wishful thinking your way, or even for that matter, share my “worst fears” with you. Use your head and think for yourself. If that does not work, simply confront your husband. You have a right to know the answer to your question and I don’t believe he has mistaken condoms for balloons.