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DEAR CHRISTINE: Single mother seeking job

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Single mother seeking job

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Dear Christine,

I READ your column every chance I get and I commend you for the advice and help you give others.

Unfortunately, I’m also in such a position and need your help. I am currently staying at someone’s house but because of our differences, I have been asked to leave.

I am currently unemployed and have nowhere else to go. To make matters worse, I’m a single mother of two. I have just a few certificates, but I’m a fast learner, honest and reliable. If anyone can help me gain some employment or point me in the right direction I will be very grateful.

My name is … and I am 22 years of age. I thank you in advance, regardless of the outcome.

– S.Y.


Dear S.Y,

You sound very sincere in your bid to help yourself and I hope that someone would be so touched as to help you find employment.

Let me say this to you; I get extremely annoyed when I hear the term “single parent”. It’s virtually impossible for a woman to give birth on her own. Each child came into this world via the cooperation – for want of a better word – of a male and female, albeit under different circumstances and conditions.

If the father or fathers of your children are alive and not contributing to their welfare, put them in court. It is better to accept the “few crumbs” that will be granted through the court system than for you to be trying to make ends meet on your own. It’s just not fair for children to have to depend on the support of one parent – whether it’s the father or mother. Both should be involved in the growth, development and overall welfare of their children.

Having said that, I wish you every success.