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Shouldn’t have to produce a certificate


Shouldn’t have to produce a certificate

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JUST LAST WEEK, I went to an appointment for the renewal of my passport, having had one for thirty years; the current document due to expire in October. At the door, I was informed that I needed to produce a birth certificate, a requirement I had assumed applied to first-time applicants, rather than to me, the holder of a valid passport.

The policy is that whether one is applying for the first time or not, one has to produce a birth certificate.

My concern is that if my current passport is of little consequence to the Immigration Department who issued it, then the validity of the very document is in question. Can I expect other entities or nations to accept it?

If I need to again present a birth certificate to be issued another passport, it suggests that the Immigration Department has not been keeping proper records or that there are cases where passports were obtained without the proper documentation and there now needs to be a shakedown of passport holders.

Is the above what the Immigration Department wants to communicate?

Whatever the case, the citizens of this country who have been through the process to obtain a passport should not be dragged back through it – proving place of birth etc. – every ten years. Other nations make a distinction between those who are applying for the first time and those who are renewing their passport.

I am afraid of what I will be told when I go to renew my driver’s licence. I got that and my passport for the first time in the same year.