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Bajans await relief on gun crimes

E. Jerome Davis

Bajans await relief on gun crimes

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BARBADIANS from all walks of life and from both sides of the political divide are expressing horror and disgust at the spate of gun crimes gripping this nation. Never before have we seen such reckless use of guns and with such frequency.

And what do we get from our leaders in Parliament? Denis Kellman, in the most nonsensical outburst, claimed that nine gun crimes was the same as throwing nine big rocks or fighting with sticks in years gone by.

Rather than give the populace some measure of hope that normalcy would return to the Nation soon, the members of the Government spent the entire session harping back to crime under a previous administration.

Former Attorney David Simmons successfully introduced drastic measures to combat burgeoning criminal activity under his watch. Barbadians await some form of action from this administration.

– E. Jerome Davis