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BE PREPARED: Be ready before need arises


BE PREPARED: Be ready before need arises

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OUTDOOR SKILLS and general survival techniques should be more commonly encouraged and practiced. Familiarity with your surroundings and dynamic planning for all circumstances should be a de facto aspect of universal knowledge.

Especially in regard to civilisations living in the tropical regions of the world, the potential for devastating storms should not just be accepted but prepared for by educating the general populous on basic emergency skills.

Despite the relative luck of Barbados’ aversion to climatological devastation, a sound reserve of critical knowledge in crisis handling can prove to be truly prudent.

The Barbados Red Cross Society exists as a driving force to facilitate the training and gaining of knowledge necessary to undertake and overcome a variety of region specific situations.

The desire to learn and improve on any aspect, especially in relation to personal and community welfare, of betterment should be nurtured.

With focuses on community education and institutional preparedness, volunteering with the Red Cross is a valuable option for those concerned with increasing their level  of awareness.

The Red Cross has invaluable tools at its disposal for the training of community members, individuals or businesses, in an array of practical, vital and resourceful assets. The non-profit organisation offers courses in disaster management as well as many other emergency roles. Volunteers from the community can be trained as Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT) members, with schooling provided in areas such as:

⁃ Fire safety and prevention

⁃ Basic search and rescue

⁃ First aid

⁃ Initial damage assessment

⁃ Initial psychological-social care

⁃ Shelter management

Whether you take a class, volunteer aid or donate to the Red Cross, you are furthering the ability of the community to pull together and prevail when tragedy strikes.

Akin to the efforts of the Barbados Red Cross, the Barbados Department of Emergency Management (DEM) strives to promote and maintain a comprehensive National Disaster Management Programme.

Through the offering of classes, hands on training, hurricane tracking and the use of volunteers, the DEM also serves as an important resource to be utilised in the pursuit of knowledge expansion and development of personal and community preparedness.

Regardless of the severity of past hurricanes, readying yourself and your community for any possibility of catastrophic occurrences can only serve to strengthen and unite people.

Rather than flipping the coin on your safety, take the chance to advance your level of vigilance before necessity dictates.