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DEAR CHRISTINE: Nephew’s girlfriend steals my jewellery

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Nephew’s girlfriend steals my jewellery

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Dear Christine,

I AM a citizen of the United States, but I spend at least two months in the Caribbean.

My nephew is 30 years old and lives with me. Last year he met a young woman who was 17 years at the time and completing her final year in school. From the time he brought her to the house, I sensed trouble. First, I felt she was too young and should be dating men closer to her age. Secondly, I learnt that she and her parents do not get along.

Christine, I am very concerned right now and would like to protect my nephew. I spoke with him on more than one occasion and he told me everything between the two of them was all right.

What I failed to tell him is that since she has been coming to the house – sometimes when I am not there – I have missed a valued pair of earrings and a watch. I know sometimes I put things down and forget where I have placed them.

However, I also know I have always been in the habit of placing my jewellery on my vanity.

Right now I don’t know if I should talk to him about this it or leave the subject alone. I do not want any bad blood to exist between my nephew and me, but I feel I should say something. What would you recommend I do?

– B.L

Dear B.L,

I understand your concerns about your nephew and this young girl and the fact that you want to avoid any confrontation, but then how will you get the situation resolved, particularly that concerning your jewellery?

You need to mention to your nephew that you’re missing your earrings and your watch and let him form his own conclusions. Do not go to him accusing the young woman of taking them. If you are sure you want to take it further, you can call in the police.

From what you’ve told me you’ve already expressed your concerns about her to him and he is of the view that all is well between them. Leave them alone. If your nephew has to learn his lesson the hard way, so let it be.

Also, this young woman must now be 18 years old and that makes her a consenting adult.