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How many more must die?

Fr Clement Paul

How many more must die?

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ANOTHER SHOOTING in beautiful, beautiful Barbados. When I heard this news, the words of a calypso came rushing into my mind: “How many more must die, how many more?”

They haunted me until I felt a strong urge to call on everyone of us in this our island home to do all we can to diffuse the present spate of gun violence.

I have no doubt that those who are armed have their reasons for doing so. However, I wonder if anyone has taken the time to address them directly and appeal to them to destroy their weapons because weapons are used to kill and when they do, they rob at least one person of the most precious gift that every one of us possesses – life.

Yes, weapons are used to rob families of loved ones. They are used to rob the victim’s family and they are used to rob the family of those who use them.

I ask all Barbados yet again: “How many more must die, how many more?”

My sisters and brothers, we are destroying ourselves. Please remember that every human being is irreplaceable. We are all here because we are expected to bloom where we are planted, not destroy others who are expected to bloom as well. I make this call in the name of and on behalf of the Roman Catholic Family Life and Youth Commission in Barbados. Please stop the shooting and other acts of violence. It can in no way be good. I implore you, let’s join in building a Barbados in which we become a Barbados of peace and love.

With all the shootings, ask yourselves: “How many more must die, how many more?”

Fr Clement Paul, Vicar for Family Life and Youth Commission.