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PUDDING AND SOUSE: Wannabe fashion diva makes a mark

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PUDDING AND SOUSE: Wannabe fashion diva makes a mark

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Our Bajan pop icon has been turning heads on top of the world but it seems that another wannabe fashion diva has been doing likewise on the other side of the Earth.

Fashion was not supposed to be her cup of tea and people expected a killer spirit would have prevailed, especially in light of the black mark which she left earlier this year among the little ones.

Sadly, the routine was poor and the performance shown to be lacking.

But, fear not, this aspiring powerbroker has returned home with head held high after winning at least one award at the world show.

It will be interesting to see which magazine will offer her future employment, sports or fashion so that she can parade her bling-alacious style.

Pressure of a horn

IT WAS bacchanal in a St Michael car park as a husband followed his wife whom he alleged has another man.

Residents could not believe their eyes after wifey pulled up and parked, then made herself look prim and proper before starting to head to the outside man.

Little did she know that her tall slender hubby was in hot pursuit. Hubby, who met up with her in the car park, jumped out and demanded that she get back in the car and head home.

Wifey, who was initially hesitant to obey the orders of her husband, hurriedly bounded back into the car after hubby starting doing bad and spilling his guts about all the info he had accumulated of this outside man who wears big boots.

A neighbour, who rushed out and demanded to know who he was, was shocked when the tall man said in a sheepish voice: “I is she husband. It’s me that getting horn.”

Vagrant on the loose

RESIDENTS of a unionised district say they have had it with a vagrant who repeatedly dumps all kinds of garbage along the main road.

The country vagrant dumps cats, dogs, wood, windows, any and everything along the busy stretch of road.

Within a couple metres of a primary school, this vagrant shows no respect for neither children nor adults, who stand in the immediate vicinity of his dumping ground when collecting their children or waiting at the bus stop.

Residents want the authorities to intervene and take this nuisance off the streets and pursue those who give him the garbage to dump all hours of the night.

Living in fear

AFTER a police raid in a St Michael district recently, residents were full of praise for the law enforcers and said their only complaint was that it should have been done before.

They say the area that was made into a park for residents of the neighbourhood has become a drug and gun haven for the young and the restless and they no longer feel comfortable passing through the area.

Once named after a land of pharaohs and kings, it harbours from wanted men to drug lords. They are now hoping that as a result of the police action some peace and quiet will return to the district.