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BE PREPARED: Cell phones – packed with potential


BE PREPARED: Cell phones – packed with potential

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IT HAS QUICKLY BECOME A TREND in the 21st century for people to be in the possession of a cell phone or other mobile device than it is for them to have a library card.

What good does having a cell phone serve if a hurricane has taken out the communications towers? Beneath the gorilla glass and plastic hardware is a useful array of makeshift possibilities.

In the event that a storm was to damage your cell phone beyond use, don’t simply discard the device. Pry into its inner workings and take a look at its concealed potential for survival aid.

Inside your device is likely to be a thin metallic sheet. Under disaster circumstances, a reflective surface can be a signal that saves your life. Using the little metal mirror-like object, the sun can be reflected towards an open area alerting a potential rescuer to your location.

If you can’t see the sun, many mobile device speakers contain tiny magnets. There should not be a lack of tiny metal wires within the device as well. Using one of the metal wires, this won’t work with copper, rub the wire with the magnet in the same direction ten to 20 times and it should become faintly magnetised.

By placing a tiny, lightweight leaf in some placid water and resting the magnetised wire atop it, you have created a tiny compass. The metal will align north to south and you can figure a general direction of travel from there.

Many situations in a disaster call for the use of a knife. The circuit board of an unusable cell phone can be sharpened to a point. By rubbing the edges of a circuit board against a wet stone, the edges can become quite capable of becoming a blade. By strapping this makeshift tool to a branch and tethering it securely, you have just constructed a small survival knife.

The battery of your mobile device can also serve as a one-shot fire starter in the absence of matches. Those tiny metal wires found inside the circuitry of the phone can be removed and used as a filament.

Remember, attaching a single filament to the positive and negative terminals of your battery will turn it red hot in seconds and can be used to ignite tinder if done quickly. If you happen to have steel wool, rubbing it against the terminals will cause the same effect for the heat to be transferred to tinder for building a fire.

There are many uses for a dismantled mobile phone, but if it is still functional then its intact purposes are far greater than any use illustrated here.