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Chip and PIN for more security


Chip and PIN for more security

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REPUBLIC BANK IS BOOSTING THE SECURITY of its credit cards in Barbados.

The commercial bank has been notifying customers of improved credit cards featuring “new Chip and PIN” technology, which it says is a first for banking here.

“Republic Bank brings you, our valued credit card customer, the latest in credit card technology with our new chip and PIN credit cards. These new cards afford you greater acceptance worldwide, unmatched protection and faster payment processing,” card services manager Sonia Hall-Hunte informed customers in recent correspondence.

“Your new card will allow you access to your credit line as usual . . . your new Republic Bank Chip card will replace your existing credit carrd and will be available for collection in the coming months,” she added.

“You will be notified via post when it is ready and for collection at your branch. Please collect your new Chip-enabled credit card within two weeks of notification . . . . You will also have the convenience of personalising your PIN at your branch. If you wish, you can begin using this card immediately upon receipt.”

According to information on Republic’s website, the new credit card will have an embedded microchip that “is encrypted and virtually impossible to copy”.

“Our Chip and PIN credit cards are the first with this technology to be introduced in the Eastern Caribbean. It reduces fraud, making credit card transactions more secure and enhances the overall customer experience. The embedded microchip on the card stores data more securely, preventing it from being easily copied or altered,” the bank said.

“The unique PIN means that only you can use your card and do so securely. These cards are also globally accepted, including in Europe and in the [United Kingdom].” (SC)