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Colourful works of art

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Colourful works of art

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IN THE REALM OF COLOUR, a group exhibition featuring the most recent works of local and international artists Alison Chapman-Andrews, Amel Chamandy™, Dennis de Caires, Neville Legall, Terrence Rupert Piggott, Alexander Poll Doval, Dermot Punnett and Charles Richard can be viewed at Gallery NuEdge Fine Arts Ltd, Limegrove, Holetown, St James.

This exhibition invites viewers to explore the use of colour which is the primary instrument of expression in each artist’s work. The artists’ choice of hue, the level of vibrancy, the chosen medium, and the manner in which it is applied, are all distinguishing elements in articulating the expressive qualities and emotional reactions colour can evoke.

Piggott and Richard show colour in its purest form, while focusing on its materiality as a tool for expression. Chapman-Andrews, de Caires, and Legall take a more “‘traditional” approach and apply colour to represent nature and the charm of everyday scenes and objects, injecting life into what is perceived to be mundane, thus making it extraordinary.

Doval takes a more systematic approach, applying colour in a rhythmic almost calculated manner, while Punnett applies colour to distort the image by blurring, smudging or dragging the paint across the canvas, and adding geometric shapes or patterns, creating a delusional sense of reality.

Photographer Chamandy™ uses colour in an applied manner. She reworks her “stills” by digitally enhancing them often overlaying colour over black and white development highlighting areas of interest and decreasing the clutter of tropical distraction to create stark and dramatic images conjuring up the spirituality of her subjects.