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HEALING HERBS: Useful cleansing teas

ANNETTE MAYNARD-WATSON, [email protected]

HEALING HERBS: Useful cleansing teas

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Evelyn ‘Granny’ Walcott, Dorian Pile, Albertine Maynard, Hilda Hoyte, Elsie Griffith and  Ermine Forde are departed angels who have a very special place in my heart.

These ladies assisted me in constructing a path towards success. Their memories will continue to remind me of the need to store only positive thoughts in my brain. When we store thoughts which carry a consciousness of evil, we spiritually make ourselves sick. 

I remember the days when I wished evil for others when they did me something I considered wrong. I also remember constructing and harbouring the thoughts and years later I recognised my thoughts made me sick. I am very glad that I have forgiven and redeemed myself by living a more holistic life.

Wishing ill for others is a very self-destructive obsession. Imagine sitting all day and because you grudge or dislike Annette Maynard-Watson, you construct wicked thoughts about harming her and rehearse them daily. The thoughts may be: “I hope when she steps out this morning that a bus hit she and brek she foot; I really hate her”; or “I hope she loses her hands so that she cayn write dat article fuh de Nation”.

If you have similar thoughts about others, my advice is to stop them immediately and ask for forgiveness. You may not feel the energy but because you are habouring the evil thoughts, eventually they will harm you and cause you to emit a negative vibration. People will start to notice or feel that you are evil.

Instead of wishing evil for others because of grudge, hate and lack of self-love, wouldn’t it be better to have good thoughts about yourself? When an evil thought about others evolves in your mind, replace it with a positive thought about yourself. An example is, replace the thought “I hope a bus hits her” with “I am going to have an extremely successful day today”. This will allow you to stop harming yourself and become a virtuous, cheery person. 

Silent doctor teas which will cleanse and balance you are rosemary, soursop leaf, hibiscus, five finger, ginger and sage. Try eating foods which will stimulate the brain such as nuts, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, fish  and jamoon.

My weight loss regime is hype. I worked my entire body but enjoyed connecting with my internal and external obliques. I am still doing a lot of cardio and introduced myself to the stair steeper/stair climber machine. That machine is fantastic. 

Finally, “all ah we” as led by Peter Ram should try this week to practise having good thoughts about ourselves and forget about harbouring evil thoughts about others.

Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via [email protected]com or by telephone 250-6450.

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