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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby to cosy with coworker

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby to cosy with coworker

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Dear Christine,

DURING this the fifth year of our marriage, my husband had to leave the island to work overseas. It was hard on me and the children since we have always been a close-knit family. Since his work contract is only for a year, we decided we would bide the time, rather than remove the entire family to another country.

It has been eight months since he left to work abroad, and we have been fortunate to spend at least two holidays with him. During the last holiday I met several of his friends but one evening during a cocktail function in his honour, I noticed one particular woman who was quite taken up with him. She spared nothing: laughing up in his face; touching him during conversations and even drawing him aside to herself on a few occasions.

I asked my husband who she was and he told me it was a woman from the office he is currently working at. His job involves moving from one office to another.

Call it “a wife knows” or “a woman knows”, but I believe they are much more than casual friends.

My husband cheated on me during our first year of marriage and I forgave him. As closely knitted as we are as a family, I am not naïve enough to believe he won’t do the same thing again.

Do you think I am being too jealous because my husband and I are not together, or should I press him about this woman?



Dear PAM,

As his wife you have every right to know what is going on in his life, just as he has every right to know what is going on in yours. However, if you have already asked him about this woman and he has labelled her “a friend” or “work colleague”, I encourage you to trust your husband.

The truth of the matter is, because of your distance, there is no way you can know every move your husband is making. Bearing this in mind, you should not pressure him when you do get the chance to speak. It’s best to have loving conversations and to let him know you love and miss him a great deal.

Don’t fret yourself about the unknown. Look forward to the end of the next four months, when he’ll be home again. And please, do something special to ensure he has a warm, loving welcome on his return.