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We must set high standards for ourselves

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We must set high standards for ourselves

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Dear Christine,

I’D LIKE TO tell readers that each and every one of us is responsible for whom  we choose to have our children with, how many children we have and when we have them.

When individuals have unprotected sex, they give birth to unplanned children and open up themselves to HIV/AIDS and various diseases.

Children should be the joint care of both parents. We should not run from the responsibility of being a parent, give our children up for adoption or seek to abort them. God will hold us responsible for any wrong we do to them.

Some parents and friends are sometimes hurt to see their sons or male friends taken away to prison. We should therefore have a renewed commitment to those who are incarcerated. Young people need to focus on their goals, better themselves and surround themselves with positive and productive persons. They should aim for the best and ask God for His guidance and protection. They should also seek to be released from hatred and all forms of negativity.

Many of us are imprisoned in some form – by way of drugs, alcohol, sex, bad choices, sexual immorality, adultery and hatred. So many negative vibes can come and consume our lives, but we should be motivated to see change for the better, and set high standards for ourselves.

Young people, remember there are persons who care for you and are thinking of you every day.

So rise above your challenges and see the open doors of opportunities which life offers.

– Z.H.

Dear Z.H.,

Thank you for your open letter to readers. I hope young people in particular will appreciate all you’ve said, know that they are loved, and accept the advice which you have given.