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Dominicans receiving aid and support after storm

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

Dominicans receiving aid and support after storm

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HUNDREDS OF DOMINICANS are starting to reach the island’s capital of Roseau today after being evacuated by boat from the island’s worst hit areas affected by Tropical Storm Erika.

More than 100 civilians were transported from the fishing village of Petit Savanne on the island’s northeast coast last night, and more than 600 are currently waiting to be brought back to the capital today from the same area.

Barbados’ flagship coast guard vessel, the HMBS Trident will be setting off to Petit Savanne within the hour after taking up search and rescue personnel of the Caribbean Disaster Relief Unit to facilitate today’s evacuation from Petite Savante.


The small pier where the Trident berthed this morning just outside the capital, was turned into a virtual evacuation centre, as those who sought refuge also arrived from the western town of Portsmouth. They are waiting on a ferry to take them to the neighbouring French island of Guadeloupe where relatives reside.

They arrived on a small boat, and even children assisted in taking off large bags filled with personal belongings. Some civilians pushed their clothes across the pier in wheelbarrows.

About a kilometre away in downtown Roseau, traffic slowed to a crawl, and police on bike patrol directed vehicular traffic in and out of the city.

A number of stores have reopened their doors for business from today, having not plied their trade since Erika slammed Dominica last Thursday night.

Government officials continued to meet at the island’s Financial Centre where emergency rescue plans are being coordinated.

I am presently meeting with the Leader of the Opposition to give him a brief as to the current situation.