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Laws of man can never be substitute for the law of God


Laws of man can never be substitute for the law of God

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PLEASE ALLOW ME to express the following opinion on guns and crime.

We have a problem worldwide with the young people of today. We need to teach our children values in the home, teach them to be strong within and know themselves well, and if they have kept faith with their values, they will always recognise the right way to confront evil.

In all of this we need to have a programme to educate some of our parents, some who are but children themselves. Society cannot always change the wrongs that children experience in their homes.

We have put aside hanging, we have lessened the methods of discipline, yet we seem to have achieved very little. I am sure that despite all of this we are not seeing a reduction in crime or of improved behaviour. What is clear is that the laws of man can never be substituted for the law of God.

We need the youth to understand that doing nothing is sometimes worse than doing wrong intentionally. Be active throughout your life to preserve and defend the ideals of our nation and the principles and ideals your family and teachers have instilled in you.

Finally, our young people must purpose themselves to be rooted firmly in their determination to be true to themselves first, for if you are true to yourself, you will be true to all.

Remember that truth is easier to remember than lies and deceit.