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Minute’s silence at noon


Minute’s silence at noon

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RESIDENTS FROM ALL WALKS of life are being urged to observe a minute’s silence today at noon, the fifth anniversary of the Campus Trendz fire which took the lives of six women.

Attorney David Comissiong, a member of the September 3rd Foundation, which marks the event every year, said it was important to reflect on the impact violent crime was having in the society.

“When we, the members of the September 3rd Foundation call upon the entire Barbadian population to stop whatever they may be doing at 12 noon every 3rd September and to engage in a Minute of Silence, we are calling upon them to reflect not only on the six victims of the Campus Trendz tragedy, but on the plight of all victims of violent crime in Barbados and on the plight of their families,” Comissiong said in a media release.

“The annual National Minute of Silence is an opportunity for the victims of crime to emerge from the aura of invisibility in which we often shroud them and to send a powerful message to the entire nation. It is a message that forces us to become aware of the tragic and un-necessary loss, pain and anguish that acts of violent crime cause.

“It is also a message that is designed to cause us to honestly consider whether and in what ways we ourselves may be wittingly or unwittingly contributing to a social climate in which respect for the preciousness of each human life is subverted. And we hope that it will be a message that will force each of us to give some thought as to how we can, in a concrete and practical way, be part of the solution to this tragic social problem.”

Tiffany Harding, Kelly-Ann Welch, Kellishaw Ollivierre, Nikkita Belgrave, Pearl Cornelius, and Shanna Griffith lost their lives in the fire which occurred at the store on September 3, 2010.

Today’s ceremony will be held in the National Heroes Square, starting at 11 a.m.


(1) National Anthem

(2) Introduction of Event – David Comissiong (Coordinator September 3rd Foundation

(3) Performances: Richard Stoute Teen Talent Choir– Stop The Abuse

           Adonijah – Singing The Blues

          Khalid Batson & Najuma Comissiong – How Many More Must Die

(4) Biographical Sketches of the six victims of the Campus Trendz tragedy – Doriel Skinner (Member of the Foundation)

(5) Prayer for the six families – Doriel Skinner

(6) In Memorial Roll Call of Victims (2014 to 2015) – Rev. Thelma Gill-Barnett

(7) Prayer for the Nation – Rev. Onkphra Wells


(9) Message – Dr Myrna Belgrave of the Raj Yoga Centre

(10) Performance – Charles “Legend” Odell

(11) Message – Leisel Daisley of the SAVE Foundation

(12) Performance – Richard Stoute Teen Talent Choir – United We Stand