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TONI THORNE: Secret behind Trump’s success


TONI THORNE: Secret behind Trump’s success

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You could imagine Donald Trump leading in some ah dem polls?”

“No man. I can’t stand he. He need to fix he head. Look as bad as ever. I watch he pun Apprentice but I doan really stan’ fuh much ah wuh he talking bout.”

As I overheard this conversation, my interest was piqued.

My main question was: “Why has Donald Trump been so popular in the current presidential race in spite of the fact that many of his views have been described as “distasteful” and do not resonate with many people?  It was only this week that a gentleman in a local travel agency declared that he was no longer going to be staying at any of the Trump Hotels because Mr Trump has been “talking real foolishness pun TV”.

At present, polls of Republicans indicate that The Donald is leading among women.

This is even though his critics state that he has allegedly referred to some women as “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals”.

It is also alleged that Mr Trump has openly said he has never had a reason to ask God for any form of forgiveness. Surprisingly, there are polls which purport that Mr Trump is leading amongst evangelical Christians. 

CNN recently reported that some members of the Klu Klux Klan have even stated that Trump is “the best in the lot . . . .”. When asked about the fact that many people from varying demographics seem to be in favour of him, Trump responded to the Press saying “Everybody likes me”.

Despite many accusations about being prejudiced towards Mexicans and Latinos, Trump said in a speech that he fully believes that he will get the top vote in those demographics as he employs and does business with an abundance of Mexicans and Latinos. Trump recently vowed never to eat Oreo cookies after its parent company Mondelez International decided to invest $130 million in building four new production lines at a plant in Mexico. This Mexican plant will replace nine older production lines at their Chicago plant.

I took the opportunity to listen to many of Trump’s recent speeches and interviews since he indicated that he was entering the presidential race.

Even if we have only read one of Trump’s business books, one can definitely state that he is a shrewd and formidable businessman.

As a result, like many of Trump’s critics, I initially saw his political aspirations as farcical.

In business, one must often make tough decisions as with politics. One must also separate business from pleasure. Many business people unfortunately see the act of unnecessarily pleasing people as an action to be placed on the back burner unless they manage a service entity. Pleasing people is a great aspect of politics. Simply put, people have to be pleased with a politician to give their vote. Likewise it is the belief that politicians must please the electorate in order to get its vote.   Business is a fight and not for the faint-hearted – this is whether you are a sole proprietor, in a partnership or the head of a global business empire like Trump. This is also true for politics.

What is perhaps very intriguing about Trump is that he has been able to transfer some of his methodologies in business practices to gain great strides in politics thus far. It is simple. Trump says it as he sees it. He is a straight shooter and he does not mix matters. He is shrewd and reeks of a string of successes. Perhaps voters believe that as an excellent business mogul he would have the prescription for success in politics as well – he will get the job done. It must be noted, that it is still quite early in the race so his great ratings could also be a flash in the pan.

What is perhaps Trump’s most significant characteristic has been that he does not seem to care what people think of him. This is ironic given the fact that he is running in the presidential race.  And what voters think should matter.  People favour Trump’s authenticity. His brash and frank demeanour come across as refreshing for some.

His honest views (whether they are politically correct) make him appear as a man of principle.

There are some qualities we can take from Donald Trump. Firstly, chase your dreams, even when some people may think you are an absolute clown or a flash in the pan. Secondly, speak your mind and aim to be a person of principle. Thirdly, be nobody’s puppet. Stand by your principles.

Toni Thorne is a fashion entrepreneur and World Economic Forum Global shaper who Loves global youth culture, a great debate and living in paradise.