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ALTAR CALL: Christians told, obedience key to victory

CHERYL HAREWOOD, [email protected]

ALTAR CALL: Christians told, obedience key to victory

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STAND YOUR GROUND and don’t back down!

These words echoed from the lips of Bahamian preacher Prophetess Rochelle Sands during a recent day of ministry at The Garrison, St Michael.

As she repeated the message to the congregation, Sands reminded them it was always the enemy of their souls’ job to bring them to a place where they would easily give up, give in or simply throw in the towel when the pressures of life got hot.

“God will never allow the enemy to overtake you as long as you remain faithful in your journey, but in this season you must let go of everything that represents idolatry and refuse to connect yourself to negative people who will kill your vision. You must stand your ground, don’t back down and anticipate a miracle.”

Sands spoke on the subject The Mirror Effect based on Genesis 17. She explained that while God wanted to renew a covenant in this current season and reconstruct some things in the lives of His people, obedience was key to winning the victory.


“We must have the Word in us because God has magnified His Word above His name. Right now there is no such thing as a double outpour. God is moving His people into a place of infinity multiplication in order to advance His Kingdom. There is a responsibility on us to obey God and be connected to Him so that nothing can separate us from His love.

“Everybody is running to the church but who will be the Church?” she asked.

“Everybody is ready to praise and worship at church but who will wake up in the night and praise God?”

Sands said God was releasing the spirit of multiplication and told the congregation to seek God more fervently in these days in order to move on to a higher level in Him.

“The ones entrusted with this higher level will be the ones who are trustworthy. This is the time for us to be tied to the altar; to go back to the old landmark because if you do not have the power of God in your life during this season, you will not make it in this season,” she added.

“If you are connected to the person who has the covenant, you will be connected to the covenant. God will separate you from people who are hindering spirits in your life because you yourself don’t want to remove them. When they are removed, new levels in God will be unveiled and everything you put your hands to do will prosper.”

The dynamic preacher further said now was the time to walk away from everything that meant something to us, for the glory of God. altar-call-new

“You must put your flesh on the back burner and God will give you access to unlimited, infinite resources. He wants to eliminate the curse of generational poverty and make covenant with you.”

She pleaded with her listeners to stop compromising, to lift a standard up before God, keep God’s commandments, stay humble before Him and deny themselves for the sake of God and His Kingdom.

“God will multiply you as you come into a place of covenant with Him.”

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