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Dangers from weed whackers


Dangers from weed whackers

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I’VE COME TO REALISE that in most instances someone has to lose their life before precautionary measures are taken. This is sad.

Two weeks ago I was the recipient of a “weed whacker moment”. It was not a nice experience and my feelings ranged from anger to calm when I realised that the outcome could have been quite different.

The size of the rock, I cannot say, but it was unleashed with enough “venom” to leave a permanent “dig out” on my windshield.

I thought of going around the two roundabouts to find the culprit operating the gadget in the area of the Graeme Hall agricultural station but wondered if I would indeed receive some form of compensation.

I thought long and hard and I thought probably not.

Instead, I gave thanks that the rock found itself on the outer part of the vehicle and not in the car.

I am not sure if the potential dangers that can be caused by these machines operating on our roadsides and private homes have been acknowledged or even taken seriously, but as I mentioned before, usually something drastic has to happen to prompt change.

In the meantime, I will “parmp” my horn. Not that it evokes a positive response, since more times than not I am faced with an annoyed look from the operator.

It’s not because I like the “sound of my voice” or the need to be repetitive that I keep broaching this subject, but because I am quite aware of the inadequacies of the upkeep of our roads and I secretly hope that someone will listen.

Some things might be more costly to fix but I’m thinking a little paint to remark the roads, thus showing adequate direction, can maybe save a life. For example, the markings as you try to exit the Ronald Mapp Highway and turn right onto Black Bess, St Peter, have long faded into oblivion. Not to mention the area before and beyond are free of street lights.

Trust me, unless you live or frequent that part of our island, one would never be aware of that turn-off, which leaves us like sitting ducks in the middle of the road.

Some of our roundabouts are also in dire need of refreshing said markings. No money?

As the road woes continue to plague us, I shall continue to pray for guidance and protection for all road users as we trod on.

Everyone seems to be in a rush nowadays. You can actually feel the hype on the roads and in the atmosphere. Slow down, family . . . . Aim to preserve life, not destroy it.

Sincere condolences to the families whose loved ones perished on August 31, 2015.