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DEAR CHRISTINE: Wretched woman ruined my marriage

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Wretched woman ruined my marriage

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Dear Christine,

My husband was a good man until a wretch of a woman came and lived near we lived. I used to like her, and she used to come to our home.

Last year, I noticed she was flirting a lot with my husband. When I told him about it, he would say it isn’t anything.

Anyhow, Christine, a friend told me they used to meet at a certain place. I went and saw them for myself.

Christine, I got on bad. I told him not to come back to my house. I don’t know what is wrong with the man; we used to live so good together.

He went to his aunt’s house, and now every time she sees me, she says he wants my pardon and for me to take him back.

I love my husband. We worked neck and neck together for what we have. It hurts me to see how he and this woman were making a fool of me. To tell you the truth, Christine, I so vex I don’t know what to do. Tell me what to do!

– C.L.

Dear C.L.,

I believe your husband loves and cares for you despite his fleeting infidelity. You’ve said you love him and I believe he deserves your forgiveness.

He has expressed regret about his actions in quite a number of ways, so find it in your heart to work things out between the two of you. Don’t nag him; it will make things worse.

Concerning this former lady friend, let him know any friendship between you, him and her, is out of the question.



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