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TALKBACK: Mixed views for jet bridges at Airport

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Mixed views for jet bridges at Airport

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THE ANNOUNCEMENT of expansion at Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) for the next winter season also brought the news that jet bridges would be installed.

A jet bridge links passengers from the aircraft to the terminal without having to go outside, and according to GAIA operations manager Jason Inniss, four of the five jet bridges should be in place by next year.

An additional 550 seats would also be added to accommodate the expected increase in passengers.

Online readers shared their views, as well as other thoughts on the airport.

Steve TheDrover Yarde: Hip hooray for Barbados. Now the experience of feeling that warm sunshine in your face as you walk down those steps that gives you the feeling of an island, you’ll get only when you get to your hotel and decide to hit the beach. Next, you’ll want a Times Square or Piccadilly in Bridgetown. This is an island, it has its characteristics. Keep removing that and one day when you reach here you’ll probably ask: “Did we not leave . . . ?”

Joy Wharton: I am sorry but I like to see the sun and to walk down those steps. That’s when I know I am home.

Keith Ifill: I also hope that you enjoy getting wet when it rains.

Angela Gray: Finally jet bridges, hurrah.

Ramon Lewis: Nice. I thought the bridges would’ve been done in the last upgrade. Glad to see them coming now.

Jerry Baxter: That is great news. I look forward to seeing the new look next time I visit Barbados.

Dakarai Jordan: Sounds good. What’s not good is waiting hours on a plane in a thunderstorm after just spending hours trying to get here in the first place. While they are at it, they should upgrade the PA system as the voice of the announcer is totally indistinguishable because of poor equipment and an annoying echo. Upgrade signage. Allow one exit arm from car park to accept cash/coin with an attendant.

Introduce $5 bag carts; I know red caps will fight this to the end, but I would gradually allow red caps to retire and disallow new hiring. Free wi-fi compliments Flow or Digicel.

Dee: Agree with Dakarai Jordan to a certain extent. It is time that landing ramps be installed to allow timely disembarkment.

Every time I come home it happens to be raining. So you either have to wait on the plane until the downpour stops, or go through heavy drizzles. It think it is high time that this issue be addressed.

But I do not agree with using the bag carts. Introducing this feature would put red caps out of work. The economy in Barbados is under duress right now with many people unemployed. Why add to this dilemma? If anything, the carts can be utilised outside in the arrival hall to aid passengers while awaiting transportation or better yet, in the departure lounge in the check-in line.

* Sherrylyn Toppin is The NATION’s Online Editor.