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DEAR CHRISTINE: He comes and goes as he pleases

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DEAR CHRISTINE: He comes and goes as he pleases

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Dear Christine,

I HAVE known this young man for two years and sometimes I see him every night and sometimes I don’t see him for weeks. I love him and he says he loves me, but every now and then he’ll go out with someone else, then come back to me.

I don’t think I can get this done with other young men. As a matter of fact, he tells me: “Don’t let me hear you out with any man.”

Tell me honestly what you think about this.

– I. S.


Dear I.S.,

This young man has some nerve. How can he tell you not to go out with anyone else while he comes and goes as he pleases?

I am not suggesting that you form a relationship or relationships with other guys, but I honestly think you should circulate among friends – male and female. Never make him think that you’re at home waiting for him to turn up during one of his “on seasons”.

If he keeps up his present attitude I hope you’ll find someone who will care for you and you only.

As things are, you are just one of his “girlfriends”. I don’t think you’re that special to him and that he is simply making sure he has a “backup” when the need arises.

Now would be a good time to “shake yourself free”. Or, if you need some time, when he goes again, don’t open your door or heart to him again.