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DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband refuses to accept divorce

Dear Christine

DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband refuses to accept divorce

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Dear Christine,

I WAS MARRIED for eight years and there are few periods during that time that I could say I was happy.

My husband turned out to be a real threat to me and our children and also turned out to be a big bully. He treated me the same way he treated the children until we were all nervous wrecks. When he was not trying to control our lives, he was neglecting us and spending time with another woman most nights.

When he started giving less and less to the house I managed to get a job. I also had to see a doctor who helped me to pull through the depression and stress I was under and put me back on a road to good health.

Although we tried to keep put of his way, he seemed bent on making us miserable until I finally left him and went to live with a relative who gladly welcomed us.

I decided that our marriage was practically over and started divorce proceedings. However, even though we have attorneys at law working for us and our divorce is going through, my “husband” refuses to accept the fact that I am never coming back to him. He telephones me at all hours of the day and night and gets on the same way which caused me to leave him in the same place.

    What can I do? This is upsetting to me and to the children who are all wondering when this will stop and they can settle down.

– M.R.

Dear M.R.,

Since your divorce proceedings are already in the hands of an attorney, I suggest that you inform him or her about what is taking place.

   He or she should be able to arrange for an injunction and some form of restraining order to prevent your “husband” from harassing you, especially since there is no indication of a reconciliation of any kind.

If matters are also getting to a head and you need to contact the police, do not hesitate to do so.     In fact, they too should be aware of the harassment you’re facing.