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DEAR CHRISTINE: Need companion, not sex partner

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Need companion, not sex partner

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Dear Christine,

CAN YOU tell me where have all the devoted, decent, respectable and loving men gone?

I am divorced and in my late 30s. I was living abroad for a number of years and have now resettled at home.

I would like to find a nice guy to settle with. I am not looking for a cheap relationship and even though I am somewhat bashful when it comes to guys, I would like to find one who is willing to settle down with me.

I have met a few guys who appeared to be nice, but when I got to know them, they were only interested in sexual affairs.

The thing is this. I am an attracted woman – especially to younger men, few of my own age or even older. I don’t want an affair. I want to find someone who is interested in me as a person and not merely as a sex partner. I am looking for a companion, someone I can care for and who would care for me. He must have a good sense of humour, be loving and kind.

I love the outdoors, eating out occasionally, listening to various forms of music, travelling, cooking, reading and watching television. I also love going to the movies and the beach. I am not an exercise fanatic, but I love to keep fit.

Christine, if you could find any such person – with the qualities I have mentioned – I would be pleased to hear from him.


– H.P.


Dear H.P.,

You have written a really great letter about yourself and your expectations in a man, but you’ve forgotten one important detail. You have not provided me with a contact number, email address or home address.

Please forward this information to me as soon as possible. I am sure you’ll be getting some favourable responses.

I am also sure there are some great guys out there with the qualities you’re looking for. In fact, it’s my guess you’ll be hearing from them as soon as I can pass on your contacts to them.

I suppose what you really want to do is establish a genuine friendship before you consider a more intimate relationship. Let’s hope you find someone who has the same goal and good intentions in mind.

Please send me your contacts as soon as it is convenient for you to do so.