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Confusion of laws


Confusion of laws

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THE INTERPRETATION of laws in the United States gives rise to the following questions regarding the supremacy of one law over the other:

• On what is the oath of public office required to be sworn in the USA?

• Does employment in public office constitute a contract between employer and employee?

• Is a contract valid that requires the violation of any law as specific performance?

• When statute law provides equal rights to parties, is the right of one party a valid infringement of any right of the other?

• If the oath of public office is sworn on The Bible as binding by the faith of the officer, is any requirement of the office as performance of a contract valid which infringes a right claimed of The Bible?

• Which Court of Justice in the USA is qualified to interpret the provisions of The Bible as law?

• How is the freedom of religion to be exercised in the USA when it is negated by rulings of the Supreme Court in support of secular licence?

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