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IT MATTERS TO MARIA: A home at last

Maria Bradshaw

IT MATTERS TO MARIA: A home at last

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MOTHER OF FIVE TRACIA WORRELL has finally received a house from the Urban Development Commission (UDC) eight years after the agency was given $76 000 to build one for her.

Worrell and her family will be moving into their home at Carrington Village, St Michael, on Sunday.

The 38-year-old’s situation was highlighted by this column three weeks ago when a frustrated Worrell, after years of waiting on the UDC to provide the house for her, decided to publicly highlight her plight.

In 2007 the Poverty Alleviation Bureau handed over $76 000 to the UDCto rebuild Worrell’s Whitehall, St Michael home that had fallen into a state of disrepair.

She moved out of the house so the repairs could be undertaken but the UDCnever got around to rebuilding it because of the general election in 2008. After she had been off the rented property for three years, the landlord reclaimed the land.

The dilemma resulted in Worrell and her family moving from house to house over the years because of her inability to pay the rent. She said that two weeks after the article was published in this column she was finally handed the keys to a new three-bedroom house at Carrington Village.

“I am happy. Ican’t wait to move in. I love it,” Worrell gushed, her heartache over the long wait now at an end.

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