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Former PM Arthur warns against complacency

JOHN SEALY, [email protected]

Former PM Arthur warns against complacency

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BARBADOS CANNOT SIT on its laurels and think the measures that were used before to bring it out of previous economic difficulty will work this time around.

This view was expressed by former Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Arthur in his address at the Small Business Association’s awards ceremony and reception at Radisson Aquatica Resort last night.

The now sitting Independent member in the House of Assembly who was leader and Minister of Finance of a Barbados Labour Party government for 14 years said of Barbados that “a debt overhang is now the greatest single constraint to the future growth and the development of our nation”.

He said against that background, “the one thing that is certain is that our country cannot entertain the complacency that comes on the belief that the policies and strategies which proved so successful in the past and for such a long period can help it to navigate its way forward in today’s world”.

Arthur said that “sadly . . . there is no national consensus that has been developed concerning the direction which the country should take or the policies and the measures that should take us safely there, our ship of state is drifting on an uncertain sea”.  (JS)