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DEAR CHRISTINE: Truth about paternity matters


DEAR CHRISTINE: Truth about paternity matters

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Dear Christine,

I’LL LIKE TO share some information with you. There are a lot of husbands who go around with other women and get children from them. When their wives hear about it, they want to bring down God to say the children do not belong to their husbands.

Christine, even now there are big grown men and women who never met their fathers or who knew who their fathers were, but were unable to have meaningful relationships with them because they were married men and the mothers were sworn to secrecy. These things are not fair to children.

There are also women and young girls who name their children (surname) after the names of men whom they know full well are not the real fathers. In some cases, they really do not know who the real fathers are until long after the child is born and the child’s “features” start to take shape. I know what I am taking about. There are even married women who get children for men other than their husbands and the husbands are not aware that the children are not theirs. I am not trying to frighten any husband and wife or cause unnecessary suspicion, but truth is truth.

I believe those in authority should look into these matters because as I have stated, in some cases the child’s real father is a married man who expects the best respect from his children at all times. I might be old-fashioned, but please print my letter as soon as possible and tell me how best to deal with issues such as these, especially if I am sure I have some truth that must be revealed.

– K.K.

Dear K.K.,

I am not sure if your case is one of a personal nature, but here’s the general advice to you. If you have definite evidence that false information is being given to the authorities by anyone regarding the real fathers of their children, then you should report it.

However, you’ll have to very specific. If you are simply meddling without any clear proof, it would be next to impossible to prove, since the word of the mother, regarding who the father is, is what people will accept – unless, of course, specific DNA or blood tests are carried out.

I know what you’re saying could be true in some cases, but it is not going to be easy to prove. It does make you wonder though, when some men live way below the accepted standards of a good husband and father, how they still expect and demand the respect of their children and wives.