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Arrest decline and fall


Arrest decline and fall

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THE ROMAN EMPIRE as a wonder of its time suffered decline and fall due to corruption of its politician class and incompetence of the administrators of its laws.

Corruption in this sense is not defined exclusively as the pursuit of wealth by unlawful means; it includes deviation from lawful practice through ignorance, weakness and deliberate fault without repentance.

The instant call for a change from a monarchy to a republic does not come from popular clamour, or even from the administration’s desire to implement any of the recommendations of previous advisory commissions of inquiry which have been ignored by successsive majorities of the legislature.

The subversion of the Constitution of Barbados as a monarchy into a republic is evident in the recent deviation from the provision for the President of the Senate or the Chief Justice to act for the Governor General. The appointment of a former deputy primeminister instead establishes the precedent for the head of state to be an active politician.

Yes, we have no bananas.

Pride and industry

Whatever glory there was in its pride and industry is fading from the professional civil service of Barbados, where appointments are made without description of qualification for performance of the duties of the post, and increments of salary are automatic without assessment of proficiency.

The achievement of academic degrees bearing no relation to the performance required of the post occupied is insufficient justification for an increase in emoluments or increment in salary scale.

Practical experience gained through apprenticeship trumps post-graduate study every time. There is no equal today in the civil establishment of Barbados of the likes of Carlisle Burton or Donald Wiles as permanent secretaries.

If the country must not lapse further in decline of the standard of its public service administration, the virility and integrity of the Public Services Commission must be restored and ministers of Government restrained within due bounds.

The country needs a Public Service Staff College for training by drilling officers in practical areas of the competence required of the posts to which they might be appointed by merit.