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Keep on bringing issues to public


Keep on bringing issues to public

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A RECENT ARTICLE in this newspaper raised some important questions about the Cahill project, which remain unanswered even after the Prime Minister finally made a comment on this ugly matter.

Whatever the outcome, it seems it will be a costly disaster, with only those who were involved in working to get it moving and who know why there is the incredibly high increase in cost, content with the outcome.

Another noteworthy article related to the use of “semi-private” in an advertisement about the sale of land in st Philip, and earlier there were points made about the Child Care Board and the sufferings of children who needed protection and did not get it.

Please continue to follow these matters and not let new developments push them under the carpet.

Far too many matters are highlighted and then left behind, with readers not knowing the outcomes.

On a brighter note, our police force and sanitation workers are continuing to do marvellous work despite lacking appropriate funding and/or management, and at this stage I must refer to two aspects of a recent article regarding the collection of garbage, One is the ridiculous, risk-laden situation in which a garbage truck was reportedly operated with the driver working alone, both driving and collecting the garbage.

No union reaction to that?

The other aspect is the very commendable effort of the off-duty sanitation worker who volunteered to pitch in and assist.

He is a hero.

Lastly, please do not back down on letting us know what’s happening – whether it is about funds paid to a Government office and eight years later the proposed housing is still unsettled; whether it is the plight of our abused children; Cahill or some other unacceptable situation.