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Lowe applauds efforts in sargassum fight


Lowe applauds efforts in sargassum fight

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CITIZENS, COMMUNITY GROUPS, the University of the West Indies and other agencies which responded to the call for help in battling the sargassum seaweed have all come in for high praise from Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr Denis Lowe.

In applauding them for their efforts, the Minister said that level of volunteerism from citizens must be commended and encouraged.

During an interview with the Barbados Government Information Service, Lowe also urged persons to press ahead and find more sustainable ways in managing what he described as “an inevitable seasonal event”.

“While some potential benefits are slowly emerging, it remains a challenge to manage the volume of sargassum now inundating our coastline,” he said.

He added that while there was a visible slowdown of the migration of sargassum seaweed to the island’s shores, there were still piles built-up on some beaches because of the deluge over the previous months.

That, the Minister said, was causing a negative impact on fisherfolk, and limiting access to beaches in the east and north of the island, while also leaving behind a lingering and unpleasant odour.

“Government continues to search for the perfect solution to manage this natural event, but the solution continues to be elusive,” Lowe said.

Noting that Government had accepted advice from local, regional and international entities and other interested persons on the matter, he added that this had resulted in the National Conservation Commission purchasing a Carrington beach cleaner, which was expected to arrive in the island by the end of October.

Lowe said that Government would also continue to work with the Ministry of Agriculture in seeking out other effective ways of extracting the agricultural benefits that could be derived from the sargassum seaweed. (BGIS)