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Sea egg season opens


Sea egg season opens

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SEA EGG HUNTERS were out at the crack of dawn diving to the bottom of the ocean floor to retrieve the coveted urchins on the opening day of the season.

When a NATION team visited Silver Sands beach in Christ Church this morning, many vendors were cleaning sea eggs, while customers gathered around them, waiting to be told the price of the delicacy.

Diver Ryan Ashby was so weighed down by his bounty, he needed assistance to get the six netted bags to the shore where they would be cleaned and parcelled for distribution.

A potential customer was overheard to say, “I hope these sea eggs ain’t expensive. I just want lil bit to cook and eat for lunch today.”

At Martin’s Bay and Conset Bay, St John there were rough seas which made it difficult for divers to venture into the choppy waters.

A lone boat made it to the jetty at Conset Bay filled with sea eggs just after 9 a.m.

“There are sea eggs out there, not a lot, but there is enough that everybody could get some to at least make a dollar,” said the captain of the vessel. (RA)