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‘Once again Joseph treats us a load of garbage’


‘Once again Joseph treats us a load of garbage’

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I WRITE in response to the article in the NATION of September 22, 2015 , written by Dr Tennyson Joseph under the heading UK Labour Example.

Once more Dr Joseph has treated us to a load of garbage. The Conservative Party headed by Dave Cameron, defeated the Labour Party who left office with the country’s economy in a shambles and an unemployment problem.

In one term in office, the Conservate party under Cameron has completely reversed this situation and Britain’s economy is one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing economy in Europe.

After the previous defeat of the Labour Party, they elected Ed Miliband as leader. In the recent election the Conservative Party was returned to power with an even bigger majority, thereby rejecting the socialist policies of Miliband.

Dr Joseph’s comments about panic and confusion among the Conservative Party, because of the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the new leader of the Labour Party, has to be a figment of his imagination and the joke of the year.

The Conservative Party is rejoicing over Corbyn’s election as the new leader of the Labour Party, since he is an even more valid socialist than Miliband. With the Scottish now voting for the Nationalist Party, instead of Labour, it is most likely that the Labour Party will remain in the desert for a long time to come.

It is sad that as a well educated person the quality of Dr Joseph’s articles frequently leaves much to be desired.