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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Tell me who or what am I?


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Tell me who or what am I?

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WHEN RPB SANG his popular song Bag Of Riddles some years ago, he perhaps never realised how applicable it would be over the years. Today it still is.

Some people on a hill were discussing its relevance recently when they asked a number of questions which we raise publicly today.

I am an orator who likes to capture the public’s attention with my dramatic presentations. Who or what am I?

I will criticise and cry down and often share licks even in public. Who or what am I?

The silent one and his adherents I have publicly vilified. Who or what am I?

I am good and have been long at criticising. Who or what am I?

It has worked for me because today even one I have criticised has embraced me. Who or what am I?

My fees for association some may say are very hefty. Who or what am I?

Some feel I should lead by example and give these monthly gains, almost 10 grand over and above my salary, to a good cause. Who or what am I?

Just imagine: if only for one year I did give, 12 deserving youngsters could follow their dreams. Who or what am I?

And just imagine this is what big-brain people who sit with the Earl of  St Andrew are saying.

Who or what is he?

Left without a Q

WELL, WELL. The buzz all across the land last week was why there was no gathering for the most popular community and social event.

People were ready to join the queue when word came that the line dancers, and the domino players, and the voices out of key would not be seen or heard.

The lawmen were on hand ready as usual to ensure nothing untoward took place. But their services were not required.

There was no need for any papers to ensure that the drinks for men, and even those which the ladies like to sip, would be on display.

It was a terrible heartbreak for many who had arisen that morning, got dressed and were ready to go where the people go.

People in from the Big Apple and even from London town were eager to get in on the action.

But lo and behold, the terrible news came. Those tuned in on radio were let down and those who are often glued to the small screen will have to miss that episode of Friends and Family. That nothing has happened on the set seems impossible.

Some people are now asking that the police be called in to investigate what went wrong. Was there sabotage? Were the efforts of an individual undermined? And who were the perpetrators?

This is a matter which only the police can resolve.

Hard times hit home

THERE WAS TO BE be a big lotta talk this past week at which it was hoped some gurus would have turned up. But the stark reality of how hard things are for some of these big names seems to have hit home.

Little Caesar did not get the chance to stand in the public space and acclaim all of the virtues of legislation and the many benefits it will bring, assured that his kith and kin will do a good job n disbursing any funds.

But despite the talk of much success of the jumping and waving of two months ago, many are lying low or totally out of sight: the debt burden is simply too high for many to carry. Many are out of work; things simply hard. The activity is virtually at a standstill and when that special period of December 15 to April 15 comes around, very few will benefit.

Little Caesar should make public the books where the sweetcakes clan now rules, so people in every nook and cranny can see for themselves if the big bash has been growing or declining over the past five years.

As for the pretty-looking girl, she better check with the real people with an inside track next time before attempting to lend a helping hand.