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MAVIS BECKLES: A time and place fuh everything


MAVIS BECKLES: A time and place fuh everything

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YA KNOW WHAT I does cahn understand ’bout the people in this place called Barbados? Well, it is this: I was going tuh say . . . that it would seem, but it ain’t seem nothing – it happens all the time.

I just cahn understand why evahthing does have tuh get bad and outta hand before anybody could think ’bout doing anything ’bout it or take some kinda action.

You know how long people was going in tuh the schools and doing as duh like widout anybody doing anything ’bout it?

Well it ain’t as bad now as it was because duh finally put a stop tuh dat wid most schools, if not all, having security guards and ya does have tuh check wid the guard before you pass through dem school gates. 

Now a school got tuh put up a big-able sign telling big-able people who are suppose tuh be parents and who you and I think should know better, how tuh dress or how not tuh dress when duh come in the people school. The thing is, dem ain’t just start dressing so, ya know. dem was dressing so fuh a long time and nobody was doing or saying anything bout it. So, now it getting outta hand because a lot o’ dem start ovahdoing it, walking in the people schools as duh like.

But ya know it ain’t nuh different in the churches. I think the pastors, reverends, priests and the people in charge o’ the churches should let these rebellish, indifferent kinda people know dat certain types of attire are not appropriate for the sanctuary.

Look, you only gotta check how some people does dress when duh going tuh certain funerals. You would swear dat these people going tuh a fete where naked is the wear.

It is wrong and something should be done about it. They should not be allowed tuh come in the people churches wearing clothes dat are too short and tight, too revealing, or pieces o’ material wid evahthing hanging out.

Ya does hear a lot o’ foolish people talking ’bout render ya heart not ya garments, but I know dat is totally outta context, but people like tuh do as duh very well please.

Now some people would want tuh dress as duh like when duh going tuh duh children’s school; duh want tuh dress as duh like when duh going in the peoples churches. but ya know something?

Leh dem miss and turn up in court so. You cahn even enter the outside part o’ the court wid armholes, short pants or anything dat is too revealing or tight . . . and when ya addressing the judge, it does be saying, ‘yes sir’, ‘yes, ma’am’ or ‘Your honour’ or anything so.

You cahn walk in the courts and do what you like or get on as you like but ya doing it in schools and in the people churches.

But getting back tuh the schools though; some teachers ain’t nuh different niether. duh got a lot o’ young teachers, especially the females, like duh forget dat dem teaching young adults. Some at the adolescent stage or age wid duh testosterone racing.

These teachers like duh forget or doan know ’bout modest dressing. Duh like duh doan know nothing ’bout discretion; some o’ dem like duh doan know dat there is a time and place fuh everything.

Some o’ dem like duh forget dat they have tuh be responsible fuh what they do, say, how they act and dress in front o’ these impressionable young people.

First of all, the young fellas gine be snickering and oogling at the bottom in the too-tight skirt or the boobs dat showing out too much because the blouse or dress too small or tight.

Then the girls, on the other hand, who would like tuh but cahn compete because of the restrictions o’ the school blouse, does push up duhselves tuh the teacher in a different way and may become more disrespectful since dem may be seeing demselves as equal. And some o’ dem very schoolgirls might even got more experience than the very young female teacher.

Teachers have tuh remember and understand how very important they are in our children’s lives.

They have tuh constantly remind demselves dat dem does spend more time wid our children than we do. Teachers have tuh understand dat the children does look up tuh dem from kindergarten, primary school all the way through secondary school and they have tuh demand dat respect from dem.

Teachers have tuh stop thinking ’bout demselves in the latest style when they come tuh school. Teachers have tuh remember the responsibility dat they have. They have tuh understand and accept dat tuh whom much is given, much is required or expected.

Teachers need tuh remember dat they have tuh set the example tuh the parents who coming in the schools, so dat nuhbody cahn point duh finger at dem.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.