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PUDDING & SOUSE: New low for one-time Godzilla


PUDDING & SOUSE: New low for one-time Godzilla

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A MAN, who in his heyday is said to have had $100 000 in cash and frequented brand-name hotels and booked the executive suites, has hit a new low.

The dark man, who had a close resemblance to Godzilla, but now looks like a teddy bear, is soon to become a father again, but since he has no means by which to keep the child, and the mother is a mental outpatient, they have decided to give the child to the unofficial welfare department in the unionised district for safe keeping. This “unofficial department” is a woman they say who takes over people’s properties when they die, and moves in, then goes to different agencies to claim money for the children she keeps there.

Residents have bombarded P&S with information on this “breadfruit swapper” and female fraudster who once spoke on a platform for 15 minutes during a general election and said nothing she, nor anyone else, could remember, by the time she had finished rambling. Armed with a long stick that could reach the clouds, baby bear’s claim to fame is now stealing people’s fruit and selling them to make a living.

Conductor’s final boarding call

TWO MEN who, under the cover of darkness, made keyless entry into a business, are now sweating bricks after word on the block is that they won’t get one cent from their illegal activities.

One of the wayward young men is said to have given his night’s takings to a ZR conductor to sell. The conductor, in the meantime, is adamant that the three metallic items are his for the taking and the pending cash transactions therefrom.

As he has sworn never to be a snitch or police informer, it looks as though the “night stalkers” will have to face the music alone. Some in the know are however urging police not to check only PSV operators for the wearing of uniforms and insurance, but also for alcohol, contraband, swords and other weaponry that are normally stashed onboard, even in the engine bay.

Schoolgirl shame

A ST MICHAEL DISTRICT, bearing part of the name of a national hero and situated at the bottom of  a road, is crying shame over a quiet schoolgirl in the area whose face is making the rounds on social media. The young girl, who spends lots of her time at home, is seen engaging in dubious activity.

Residents say since things are very hard at the house and the mother is seen making almost nightly treks to a district with many red lights, this could almost certainly have led to the schoolgirl’s wayward behaviour.

They are calling on authorities to take the appropriate action and visit this home before the situation gets worse.

Third suicide attempt

RESIDENTS OF A NEIGHBOURHOOD on the outskirts of The City are crying out for help for one of their own.

The young mother of two has tried unsuccessfully to end her own life. On this occasion, residents say she complained of being dumped by her boyfriend. They fear that unless she gets much needed help her children may soon be without a mother, and their father is nowhere to be found.

The mother, now lying in an institution after ingesting a toxic substance, seems hell bent on leaving this life since she believes it is not worth living anymore.

The Moor you look . . .

PEOPLE IN BRIDGETOWN can’t believe that a leading man in this City would be so annoyed that he has been described as taking on the persona of Aaron the Moor.

He has launched an investigation into who has been giving out information on him as if he is employed at the CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia, or even in the local Special Branch. Rather than trying to launch a spy network to uncover who spilled the beans on him, this coin collector needs to ensure that he puts measures in place so that things are compliant.

All he has to do is get a good night’s rest and stop breaking it up writing emails to his work colleagues.