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TALKBACK: Condolences and outrage at constant gunplay

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Condolences and outrage at constant gunplay

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GUN VIOLENCE seems to be coming like the waves along the shore – sometimes it is a ripple, other times it is much stronger, but it just keeps coming.

This year opened with a murder on the very first day and the trend has continued.

Some have become resigned to the fact that once-peaceful Barbados is no more, but it is becoming too much to bear for others.

They shared their opinions on what can be done after it was reported that 23-year-old St Andrew resident Jamal Worrell became the latest victim of gun violence. He and his brother were fired upon at a St Peter business afer they asked a group of men why they were on the property. The other man escaped unharmed. The previous week, businessman Stanley Michelini was also gunned down in St Thomas.

Here are some of the views:

• Cliff Lawrence: Dear Bim, if you think word is not going to get back to the global community and affect tourism, you are sadly mistaken.

• Les Carr: The new normal in Bim. Weekly murders; daily earthquakes? Look at the cracks for answers.

• Shameeka Mayers: Seems that my plan of living a crime-free life is not enough to keep me safe. Maybe I should lock myself in the basement ’cause people gine work and ain’t making it back.

• Steve L. Murray: Once again senseless gun violence. This is such a sickening trend that is sadly occurring rapidly too much in our little paradise, and threatening to ruin the outstanding moral fabric Bimshire was built on for years now.

• Karen Farmer Troulan: So sad!! People just trying to work and make a living and these men with guns just don’t care. RIP, young man.

• Cindy Rickerby: RIP, young man. What is going on in Barbados? So much gun crime all over the island. I am saddened.

• Joceline Blackett: Wow, another killing. Barbados becoming like the Wild West. Where are all these guns coming from? So many young people losing their lives needlessly. Something needs to be done. May he rest in peace. Hope the RBPF finds the culprit or culprits soon.

• Sherel Gaskin: Yet you hear people saying abolish the death penalty and show mercy, till the shoe on dem foot . . . . Ring [the] cat-o-nine in dem tail.

• Angela Corbin: Condolences to the family and friends and may he rest in peace.

• Artneal Bear Abbey: The only solution is to arm wanna self; fight fire with fire.

• Lorraine Spooner: Just so? Please put my tax-paying dollars to good use and hang every last one of these sadistic cowards. Thank you.

• Victoria Prescod: Seems to be a weekly happening lately. Last weekend it was St Thomas, now this. Makes me nervous to live here now. RIP to all those killed this year.

• Lloyd Lewis: These idiots going to kill the wrong person and then it will be an outcry in Barbados. Tom Adams’ grandmother was one of the wrong persons and we all know the results.

Sherrylyn Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.