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Stop attacks on services


Stop attacks on services

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I WISH I could write short, sweet and effectively like Mr Carl Moore. I have to admit I just do not have the skill but here’s my first try.

I am concerned about a new practice that is becoming popular in Barbados. What is this? Constant attacks on entities representing the essential services in this country – for example, the Child Care Board, the Royal Barbados Police Force, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, education/schools and the judiciary.

Each of these services plays an integral part in ensuring that our system works efficiently so that our country can perform effectively and competently. Yet suddenly certain citizens seem to have issues with how these services are managed, and the competency of staff  at all levels. They are now loudly and dramatically suggesting that management and workers do not care.

Has it ever dawned on the critics that in many cases the client who may also be a complainer should bear some responsibility for the delays and inability of officers to get quick results because of unbalanced well meaning reports.

Clients are sometimes known to hide salient facts in order to protect friends or family, and also to safeguard or increase economic security. Yes, these things happen more often than one would believe. But when and if investigations reveal hidden facts loyalties change suddenly; seeking justice becomes the main rallying cry as they seek to safeguard themselves; stories real or imagined come to the surface; charges are levelled and the agencies become the target, whether the Child Care Board or police officers.

God has blessed me with close contact with some of these agencies and their clients. You would be surprised to hear some of the real stories, and, believe me, the officers, because they are sworn to secrecy, sometimes take the blame and face the fire. Though sometimes deliberately and painfully wronged, they continue to do their job assisting those who continue to have faith in the tried and often tested systems.