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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Right place, right time for lucky lass

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That’s the best way to describe the madness going on near the river these days with the recent arrival and soon-to-be departure of a female head honcho.

This female, who some have described as a mere paper pusher, is said to be tipped for a big job in the army of occupation by year-end.

News of this witness to folly, who must attend weekly readings of the word according to an interpretation which says only seven score and a few will be welcomed, has been creating bare havoc.

She has easily surpassed Miss Most Wigs as the purveyor of nonsense and it is hoped that she is rewarded for checking the bottles and not looking at the content. But, when all is said and done, she is someone with the right family ties and has the silent one’s attention.

Did they or didn’t they?

Is it true? This was the question men and women in dark suits were asking.

The word this week was that a lady from St Philip and a man from St Philip had tied the knot overseas. But, many had doubts about this rumour since certain key people were still in Barbados.

The teacher musician, who likes reading such novelettes as Archbold and Rommen, could still be seen in the land while the pretty girl, who recently got married again, was also around the place.

The lady and the stalwart

The word  had spread like wild fire from Whitepark Road to Walrond Street and in between this week. 

The lady, who is now in the commanding heights and cannot be given any directions, has long been tied to the silent one who has reportedly dumped all others for this stalwart who as her father was, is a stalwart of the east.

Some asked how would it look for the silent one to have as wife a lady in robes and whether it would cause people to cast doubting eyes on her. But then, she would not be the first, for it has happened before with a woman from the land of wood and water and could happen again now that the short boy, originally from the projects, wants to take a chance again for the big league.

Two red-carded at Oval

It was the biggest joke at the Oval recently. Some fellas were there for the sport of gentlemen when a man turned up there and demanded that two fellas fall in and follow him to Roebuck Street.

 Apparently, someone who needs to join HRMAB  had given an order that these fellas should be considered deserters to the cause and therefore brought before their earthy makers. For three days these men were in the sun and even a few drizzles showing off their talent, hoping to be like Brome, Maxwell, Harding,  and even the great Sobie.

But the joker who does not understand personnel and procedure nearly caused a great embarrassment.

Thankfully, the real HR expert was on location and was, as usual, able to expertly explain the situation to the man with the stripes who knew and respected him.

The mighty hath fallen

He was once a man of some power in Barbados. Close to the former ace fighter pilot, and even though not connected, shared a number of things in common including name.

But there was a falling out and he went into the hive, from whence he emerged stinging up the whole place.

 But when his benefactor suddenly passed he did not produce the type of honey which suited the new honeycomb.  Honoured never was he, forgotten and overlooked was his fate. Now today, history hardly remembers. Oh, through all the changing scenes of life how the mighty can be humbled.