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DEAR CHRISTINE: Trying to get pregnant

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Trying to get pregnant

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Dear Christine,

I AM 28 years old and do not have any children. I feel that I am an odd ball because most of the girls I went to school with have children. My mother keeps telling me that there is no need to rush things, but I do not want to have children as an old woman.

I had a boyfriend two years ago and we tried very hard to see if I could get pregnant, but it did not happen. I am trying again with my new boyfriend who says that there is something wrong with me.

He says that if we have sex often between new moon and full moon then I will get pregnant. I am not using any birth control methods.

– City Chick


Dear City Chick,

First of all, let me tell you that your boyfriend has been telling you nothing but foolishness. I hope this has not been the type of misguided nonesense fed to you over the years and that you have blindly acceptd it.

My suggesting is that you make an appointment and see an obstetrician/ gynaecologist or the Barbados Family Planning Assocition to get the correct guidance.

– Christine