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Executive totally out of line

Ronald Toppin

Executive totally out of line

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IT IS CLEAR that tensions exist in the Christ Church West constituency and the matter has to be resolved as it has moved from being a purely constituency issue to one that is now in the public domain.

My view is that, at this time, Dr Maria Agard should have the team she is comfortable working with to be able to function as best she can as a Member of Parliament.

And there are a few basic, but salient, facts that cannot be overlooked or trivialised.

Firstly, and most important, she is a Member of Parliament, duly elected by her constituents and that has to count for a lot. She is not now entering politics and seeking a nomination. She is a sitting Member of Parliament.

Then also there is the fact that there is no clamour of dissatisfaction against her coming from a wide cross-section of constituents across Christ Church West except, obviously, the strong and loyal supporters of the Democratic Labour Party, as would be expected.

So we are left with a relatively small group of people on an executive, and perhaps some others around them, who are expressing their dissatisfaction with the sitting MP while, to date, giving no plausible reason for their dissatisfaction with her.

The assertion of some of them that she is not doing a good job as a representative does not tally with the contrary view expressed by many of the constituents there. In any case, the executive should know that there are very serious limitations on how much an Opposition Member of Parliament can get done.

It is also mind-boggling to me that executive members would show such defiance to the desire of a Member of Parliament that they not be her core group to assist her with her constituency work.

What on earth are they trying to prove? If I were an executive member of a branch and the Member of Parliament said he didn’t want me there, he wouldn’t have to say it twice. I would be gone in a flash.

So why are they persevering in constituting an executive with which the elected Member of Parliament is not comfortable? That is the question that I cannot get answered.

At the same time, I must say that I really do not support Dr Agard’s constant presence in the media talking about this although, in all fairness to her, there were times when she was merely responding to comments put in the public domain by others. But, generally speaking, her cause would be better served if she spoke less publicly on this.

However, the matter has been dragging on for too long and it is in the best interest of all concerned that it be resolved as soon as possible.

– Ronald Toppin

Member of Parliamet