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Hope always in season

Michael Rudder

Hope always in season

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FROM TIME to time leaders of churches and organisations have all said we must have hope. In the present situation of inadequacy of response to our myriad problems we may sometimes ask ourselves, “How can we have hope when so much seems to be going wrong?”

Yes, we can have hope. Spend just ten minutes every night or every morning in prayer asking for peace and love to return to Barbados and the world. Focus, however, on Barbados first.

Hope leads to belief – belief in the Master, belief in the Father, belief in your brothers and sisters in the celestial heaven. They work constantly to bring hope to the peoples of the earth never mind they do not always appreciate it.

Great will be tomorrow. Look to the horizon of hope. See the trees, the sunshine sparkling through, see the sky blue as blue can be. See the stars in the night sky. See the love of the Father permeating all things. This is hope, this is what hope looks like. Live hope, dream hope and it will become your reality.

Prayer is essential. Pray always sincerely, with feeling. Father we come in supplication to you at this time. Father God, hear our prayer, heal your children as you see fit. Lift us up in love and hope.


– Michael Rudder