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New lawyers advised not to focus solely on financial gains


New lawyers advised not to focus solely on financial gains

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DO NOT MEASURE your success merely on financial rewards!

That is the advice coming from Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite, to the 50 new attorneys admitted to the Bar, this morning in a special sitting of the Supreme Court, at Whitepark Road.

The Attorney General cautioned the new lawyers that if they focused on just financial gains, they would miss “many opportunities to be of public service.”

Pointing out that life after law school would not be as easy as one expected it to be, Brathwaite stated that the “onus would be on each individual to ensure their own success.”

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Sir. Marston Gibson while praising the attorneys on their accomplishment, noted that it was the biggest group that he had seen since he took up his position.

He told the group that this was a prime opportunity to be innovative and “to step out and do something different.”

The Chief Justice while reminding the attorneys of their ethical obligations also encouraged them to try diverse areas of service.  He said those areas could include Alternative Dispute Resolution as a potential business, as many individuals going through the system were actively seeking a mediated outcome.

He further noted that Barbados now had a functioning Drug Treatment Court, and that this was also a viable option, as attorneys were needed to specialise in this area. Lastly, the CJ indicated that the Supreme Court was “standing on the cusp” of an e-court, as it was moving with the technological times, and help would also be appreciated. (BGIS)