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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Thanks and praises

Rev Errington Massiah

OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Thanks and praises

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By the rivers of Babylon where we all sat down and wept; when we remembered there O Zion. How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? – Psalm 137, verses 1 and 4.


THIS WEEK’S COLUMN will deal with praise and thanksgiving. It is good to do so because too often the emphasis these days is placed on the negative things.

First I must congratulate the Nation newspaper for letting the public know what was happening to those three children who were abused in a home for some time and were recently handed over to the custody of their father.

Maria Bradshaw and Sandy Pitt must be praised for a job well done for letting the public know what was happening. The Nation has demonstrated that it is really the medium that cares when they  sent Ms Bradshaw and Ms Pitt to London to see  how the children fared.

Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett must  also be praised for disclosing that the children who relocated to live with their father will be followed up with psychological service in London through the Barbados High Commission in Britain. That should be done because it will not be easy for those children.

Let us be reminded by the some of the words of Mighty Gabby’s song Emmerton.

You tell me to forget,

That you uproot my people,

And scatter them to and fro.

Alright – I say I shall go.

You tell me to forget,

That you did them wrong things

And din’t let my children know

Alright – I say I shall go.

I am very glad that those children were taken out of that abusive environment, but it will take some time for healing and adjusting to their new environment.

I do hope that they and their stepmother will get along and they must be prepared to cooperate with those who are in authority over them.

And finally thanks to the Mighty Gabby for allowing me to use the lyrics to his song Emmerton.