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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Bigwig setting new standard


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Bigwig setting new standard

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FROM WORKERS IN the office to those close to this bigwig, to even those opposed to this high-up personage, people are talking about his latest undertaking.

Well, it just so happens the roof of his house had to be replaced and, given the unpredictable nature of the weather, a piece of tarpaulin would not suffice. For many Bajans the option is to rent a house for the week or two or even the month it may take to get things back in shape from eave to hip.

Well, this gorilliphant, who is often seen as menacing to escape, decided to move the entire household to a hotel.

People started asking if this was a special staycation rate being offered to this big shot who will frequent the bar. The hope is that he doesn’t get too many drinks and then start barking in customary style.

A number of people in Six Roads were  trying to find out if it is true that this high and mighty man had also bought for cash a house worth more than three quarters of a million dollars. They were saying that given how hard things are in Barbados, they hope it has a good piece of land attached so the ground can grow some vegetables and other food crops and keep some livestock. The only problem is that thieves might create a nightmare. But then, the kind of guard dog this big shot is, the thieves would very well think twice.

Early lime

It’s not even 1 p.m. and these men are liming as they do every Friday after getting paid.

A fellow who had been at work since 4:30 that morning doing his part to keep Barbados clean was there, smelly from  the fumes from all that he was standing behind that day. He was playing some dominoes since he had to cut back on betting after he lost some days’ pay a few weeks ago.

The other fellow, who knows him by being a regular, said he would not be betting that Friday, but offered to buy two rounds of beers for the six fellows gathered there. He reminded his workmates, whose office is in Wildey, that he had not suffered a penny in lost earnings even though he had been off the job for a few days.

In fact, he boldly shouted that not one man had a deduction and furthermore it was his people who were in charge of things and not any intellectual short man. He told the fellows at the dominoes table it was important they understood there was a clear distinction between the working classes.

The man buying the drinks, to prove his point, said he and a number of people who visit the financial place a few hours a day will go and come as they please since they have the full support of many on high. And now they can stay there until they please, so no one can tell them when to walk, run or jump.

Every manjack has 67 reasons to shout out and rejoice.

All the time the Garrison School fellow from Deacons can’t do anything, while the Pouting Princess ain’t understand what happening.

Unity message

A deejay was seen making a beeline for some old records this week as he was preparing for a big fete later this month.

He kept playing two songs over and over. The first was Sister Sledge’s late 1970s hit We Are Family and that popular song from the mid-1950s, now heard every Sunday morning in some churches, Let There Be Peace On Earth.

The deejay said he had been given very clear orders that his background music must show there is indeed an undisputed message from the woman in white and the other woman who is always looking to see how you smiling are united even if not one and the same. A Kodak moment will prove the point.

But the fear is that some people who have gilt-edged invitations may want to cause problems. They don’t want to genuflect when they see the queen. Those fellows from places like Belleplaine, Lammings, Grazettes and Bagatelle can be very own way. They need to go into Welchman Hall and Mount Standfast and learn what it means to be honourable and stand in line.

Some people in the gap after listening carefully to the music have said a scientific poll should be done to see if they can get the deejay to have as his theme song the 1970s hit United We Stand by the Brotherhood Of Man to be the new theme song.

The self-styled kingmaker agrees and is putting things together from Roseau and is sure to get an independent pollster connected to the women in white to do the survey.