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PUDDING & SOUSE: Night out for female lovers


PUDDING & SOUSE: Night out for female lovers

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FEMALE WORKERS at a health institution recently went on a cruise and, boy, what a shocker it was. Those in the know said it unearthed more unhealthy habits than John write ’bout, while others say some partygoers are still nursing their injuries.

One woman, who left her husband at home and went with her “outside woman”, had the floor for herself, or should we say the cabin? Some got a thumping for eyeing other women, while others just danced the night away in the arms of their lovers.

Another one, who not too long ago got a handful of licks from her husband after being caught in the arms of another woman, cruised into the deep blue seas in the arms of her new female lover.

This institution, which is known for not having Band Aid and basic necessities, and is not in the best of health, is now being put under the microscope since it seems that a large number of its female employees are involved in X-rated behaviour, while at least one of its male workers can be found almost nightly in a dress, with well greased hard calves, offering his body to all comers.

Mechanic off to hard start

A mechanic who is wanted by most people who own a vehicle and is being sought by police has been found. But he has not been found by the police.

The mechanic/electrician/barber/ex-lawman has embraced a new culture and religious persuasion. The all-things-to-all-people man went into hiding shortly before Pudding & Souse broke the story about him crashing a customer’s vehicle in a country district late one night.

This tall, slim mechanic, who sees himself as being cunning as a fox, and resided near a primary institution in The City, was spotted wearing shades, a long white gown and a tam, and behaving in a sheepish manner in The City.

With his hair cut low and skin seemingly bleached, he had seemed satisfied that none of those searching for him could find him. Residents want to know if the brethren who have embraced him are aware of his antecedents and that he is being sought by all, including the police.

Dishonest couple

A non-national couple are moving from eatery to eatery pulling fraudulent moves. This couple recently struck at an Oriental restaurant when, after ordering a large meal and eating a small portion of it, they then pulled a cockroach from their bag and mixed it into the food and started hollering for blue murder.

The owners, with tentacles out, started putting up a fight, but after they were threatened with a roach exposé, they gave in to this dishonest duo and settled the matter out of court with the cocky couple for $800.

The couple left the restaurant, swearing never to return, but most of all with an $800 payday and heading towards another restaurant.

Breathing easier

P&S has been bombarded with thank you wishes from a farming community. This comes after we broke the story about the “diaper man” who was making a mess in the community.

Residents say that he no longer dumps in garbage cans in the area, but instead he leaves with his load and dumps outside of the community, albeit in somebody else’s garbage can. Well, thanks for the calls and keep them coming. We are here to serve you.

$60 engagement ring

A Bajan-Yankee has infuriated a future bride’s family and friends by buying her a $60 engagement ring.

The cheapskate says that the reason he has done this dastardly act is not because he was short on cash or love, but because, in the event that the engagement did not last, he would not be too deep in the red. Some family members are adamant that the engagement should be called off and his ears should be ringing from some eloquent language.