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TALK BACK: At what point does the ignorance end?

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALK BACK: At what point does the ignorance end?

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ONLINE READERS have condemned the actions of a parent and her sister who came to THE NATION to highlight an impasse with principal of Parkinson Memorial, Jeff Broomes.

The parents was summoned to the school to speak to Mr Broomes on a matter relating to the discipline of her son, but brought along her sister. Mr Broomes refused to entertain the presence of the sister, but the pair recorded the conversation and it has subsequently been making the rounds.

They also posted about a part of the issue on Facebook. Meanwhile, the child remains out of school.

Here is some of the reaction.

Wayne Webster: Trying to bypass the way disputes are supposed to be rectified is counterproductive and unacceptable. I have served on the board of management at Barbadian schools and this approach is not the way to go.

PB: I thought it was illegal for a school-age child to be out of school? Your action was inappropriate (to bring your sister and subsequent posting to Facebook) if the principal wanted to speak with you as the parent. If you wanted to bring your sister you should have requested permission; it’s only polite. That is not how adults behave. Mr Principal, regardless of the parent’s actions the children should not be deprived of an education.

Sammaria S: How can it be inappropriate to bring her sister? What if her sister is her support system? She was probably intimidated being in the principal’s office. Now the posting on FB; that’s another matter and I agree is wholly out of order.

Dwayne Jordan: I’m not so quick to condemn this parent. I am not sure her ulterior motive was to shame Mr Broomes. As I said before some teachers will say and do as they like until you have concrete evidence of the foolishness they are doing.

Mikey: Madam, your child is not at school because you did not go to the school to discuss his return as instructed. Do that and end the ignorance. Mr Broome is a reasonable man. He will listen to you, but do not expect him to entertain disrespectful behaviour.

Kimberley Will: If she was really interested in getting her son back into school, she would have asked her sister to step outside and continue with the meeting. Instead, she recorded Jeff Broomes and put it on social media.

Andrea Sargeant: The children should be attending school, bottom line. Whether that school is where the incident occurred or some other institution. As to the adults, you were wrong. The action you took was unnecessary and has led to this impasse.

Linda: I hope everyone can come together and solve this problem and get the kids in school. The kids are the ones who are being punished.

Sherrylyn Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.